A Murder Mystery fact: Did you know?

To avoid being Murder, should you worry about the people you know?

Women should be cautious of their lovers. 1/3 of women murder victims were killed by someone with whom they were intimate. Only 3% of men were killed by an intimate partner. Women are also more likely to be killed by a family member or an acquaintance than by an unknown man.

A stranger murdered only 9% of women – 16% of men are reported murdered by a stranger.

If only the police could catch that stranger, 25% of murder could be stopped with one arrest!!!

Public Murder Mystery Dates for March 2010

 Dear Detectives Following a very busy murder mystery weekend, everything is in place for the productions ahead later this week. To update everyone, please find below the Murder dates so far for March 2010:- Friday 6th: Private Murder Mystery Party, Surrey.Saturday 7th: Private Murder Mystery Party, Surrey Friday 12th: Public production at The Ferry House […] Continue reading →

We’re still Alive and Kicking

 Hi One and All Sorry that you haven’t received any updates from us recently, but we’ve survived the bankers attempts to do us all in and we’re still getting away with MURDER! As with the rest of the country last year was a quieter year than normal, however we still travelled around the country and […] Continue reading →