Please don’t murder me for the delay sending you the solution!!

The Solution to the last murder puzzle:

The murderer was the newspaper delivery man. Because Wednesday and Thursdays newspapers were not delivered and this indicates that he already knew that there is no one to read it.

A new puzzle:-

On a cold winter morning Vic Timm was discovered (murdered) on the Study floor of his house. The milkman had made his morning delivery, a tall man and his short wife were walking on the pavement outside and the meter reading man had started his calls at the far end of the street. Vic was found by his friend and business partner Norman Wright. Norman calls the police. On their arrival Norman tell the story of his discovery to detective inspector, Nick Ham: “I often stop by on my way to work to offer Vic a lift. This morning” said Norman “I went to the front door as normal and after much ringing and knocking there was no answer” “What did you do next?” asks the policeman. “I walked to the side of the house; there was frost all over the study window, so I had to wipe it away to see inside which is when I saw his body. I kicked in the front door to confirm my suspicions of foul play and called the police immediately afterward.”

Having heard Norman’s story Nick Ham new who committed the murder.

So who was it and more importantly how did Nick know?    The answer next weekI promise.

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