Another date at the Wivenhoe Hotel, Colchester

 We’re please to let you all know that our 1st production at The Wivenhoe House Hotel, Colchester on 25th April was really well received and so the hotel have now booked Saturday 31st October (Halloween) for their next production. We’ll be performing ‘Murder in the Dark’. The local police will not have a CLUE DO […] Continue reading →

A brand new Public Venue in Colchester

 Having spent an enjoyable and sunny drive to The Wivenhoe House Hotel in Colchester this morning, followed by a tour of this perfect venue for a Murder Mystery I’m pleased to say that we will be performing our first production open to the general public at the Wivenhoe House on Saturday 25th April 2009. The […] Continue reading →

A New public venue

 The Company Upfront are pleased to announce that The Ferry House Inn, Harty Ferry Road, Isle of Sheppey have booked us to perform ‘Riverboat to Murder’ for them on the evening of Friday 3rd April 2009. Call us on 01732 862353, or email us for contact details and prices etc. We perform a large number […] Continue reading →

Why Not Book A Small Private Social Party

 Based on 20 people taking part and dependent on the venue selected; The Company Upfront Murder Mysteries To Die For can produce a 1st degree murder mystery evening including a three-course meal and B&B accommodation for just over £110 per person including VAT.If your numbers are larger, for example 30 people the cost reduces to […] Continue reading →

Christmas can be Murder!!!

 Dear Detectives As normal in December, it’s been pretty busy at The Company Upfront. The new Christmas murder mystery has been really well received by the many detectives who have witnessed and tried to solve the dastardly deed so far. We would like to wish everyone a brilliant Christmas and a murderously good 2009. Continue reading →