Murder at St Vernon’s

It’s 1949. The war’s been over for 4 years, but rationing’s still in place. St Vernon’s Boarding School for Young Ladies is near to the village of Little Striving. Academically the school has little to recommend it, and it is used as a dumping ground for the more difficult to place girls from wealthy families.

Headmaster, Mr Granville Stickler, has been at the school for many years, but over the past few months, has become rather vague, which causes great concern to another long-term member of staff, Matron, Miss Beatrice Dose.

St Vernon’s is lucky to have a few good staff members these include:English teacher Miss Vita Prout and Mr Nigel Rogers teaching art. WallyFremantle the caretaker/gardener and general jobsworth is a thorn in everyone’s side. We’re going to meet a couple of the girls: the aristocratic but behaviourally challenged Millicent Marshall and horsy, nice but dim, Angela Frobisher-Strokes. We join the staff and girls of St Vernon’s outside the headmaster’s study, on a weekday morning sometime after the end of term …

Headmaster – Mr Granville Stickler
Matron – Miss Beatrice Dose
Gardner/Handyman – Wally Fremantle
Art teacher – Nigel Rogers
English teacher – Miss Vita Prout
Sixth form girl – Angela Frobisher-Strokes.
Another sixth form girl – Millicent Marshall