Murder at the Wake

Set in 1929. Join the family and close friends of Lady Jane Beltching as they follow her instructions and enjoy a party around her coffin on the night prior to her funeral. One of the guests will also end up six feet under. But who did it and why? Use your little grey cells to solve this cunning double murder!!

Having made the family fortune by producing dyspepsia remedies, why did Randolph hand the family business over to James and not as expected to Charles? Why has Sarah spent most of the last 20 years staring at the bottom of a bottle? Was Kitty really Jane’s best friend, and why is so little known about Teddy’s background?

Last but not least is Daisy the maid, is she as sweet and innocent as she appears? As you become embroiled in this cunning murder will you discover the answers to the above questions, and will you work out who committed the dastardly crimes.