Murder at Wyldboare Hall

It is 1965. Wyldboare Hall is the ancestral home of the Wyldboare-Swill Family who have lived in the property for over 500 years. Unfortunately, due to bad management and punitive death duties, they have suffered enough financial set-backs to force them to seek alternative ways of keeping the property in the family. For the past ten years, Wyldboare Hall has been open to the public but this has not proved very lucrative.

Much of the original furniture and pictures were sold off long since, but there is one important artefact remaining – a portrait of Lady Gertrude Wyldboare, a lady in waiting to royalty, believed to be painted by Gainsborough. As the family’s fortunes have continued to decline it seems likely that they will have to sell the remaining painting.


Today they are expecting a visit from an expert from Christoby’s, the fine art auctioneers, who will inspect the painting and discuss with Lady Patientce Wyldboare the best way to sell it. However, the expert fails to appear at the time expected, and when he is looked for, a body is found dead in the secret corridor leading to the room where the picture is kept.

Who’s Dead? & more importantly, Who Did It and Why!?