Murder! I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue!

In the public bar of the ‘Nobody’s INN’ a regular monthly quiz evening takes place, the small prize goes to the best individual Egg-Head. This month an anonymous benefactor has donated a top prize of £5,000, which has inevitably attracted a number of new faces.

The big question is:- Whose lifetime will shortly end? Who will commit the dastardly deed? And how will they do it!!!?

The suspects are:
Jack Daniels: The Tenant Landlord.
Tracy Brewer: A Dippy Barmaid.
Harry Capone: A pub regular & identical twin.
Charlie Capone: A Barred regular & identical twin.
Violet Yark: A quiz competitor.
Barbara Saville: Another quiz competitor.
Marco Febrezei: A local Restaurateur &Pizzeria owner