Murder in the Pharoahs Tomb

Explore, if you dare, the mystical world of Ancient Egypt. We take you back to the turn of the century. You are ten miles from the city of Luxor. Within the chambers and tunnels of the tomb of the Pharaoh Khety you meet the handsome and skilled young archeologist Gil Carter.

Whilst in the employ of the greedy and power hungry Colonel George Denon, Gil has uncovered one ancient Egypt’s best kept and possibly one of its most dangerous secrets. Perhaps it is a secret worth killing for?Add a little love and romance in the sand to this already boiling plot and you’re all set for an exciting adventure.

Our hero is assisted by the resourceful Egyptian Panek, and a beautiful young hand maid Grace. The team struggles as the expedition runs into unexpected difficulties. But when one of the team is brutally murdered they realise that the problems they have faced so far are only the beginning………

Heat, Hate and Hyroglyphics combine to create the perfect atmosphere for this searing murder mystery with a twist that would chill the bones of your mummy