Murder on the Airwaves

Welcome to the historic town of Sandwich in Kent. The year is 1944. The local radio station is doing its bit for the war effort by cheering up the locals with their sketches. Behind the less than polished performances of the volunteer actors there is a deadly storm brewing. A storm which will lead to a dreadful murder.

But which of this dire radio-cast or crew would be capable of murder?

Albert Donaldson, is a respected businessman with more than one skeleton in his cupboard, but what price would he pay to keep them locked up . His beautiful and talented wife Elizabeth has finally fallen into the arms of another but would she kill to keep him to herself?Timid and nervous Tom Jacobs works in Mr Donaldson’s factory and wouldn’t say boo to a goose….or is that just what he wants you to believe. Step into the world of Radio of the 1940’s and step out as an accomplished detective…

Can you tune into the same frequency as the murder to solve this crime.