The Curse of Wyvern Hall

The date is the 16th November 1924. Wyvern House is set deep in the English countryside. It is owned by Sir Richard Wyvern, a descendent of the original Wyvern family who were granted the right to build on the plot by Elizabeth I.

There is said to be a curse that strikes down the new brides of the family’s oldest sons. It is said to have originated with the wife of the original owner of the house, who turned Black Molly, a scullery maid, out of the house when she was found to be pregnant. Having received the news in the Pink Parlour, Molly, blinded by tears, ran from the room and fell to her death down the stairs. As she lay dying, she cursed the Wyvern family for all eternity.

Over the 400 years of the house’s existence, several newly married Wyvern women have died both in childbirth and more mysteriously, mostly in falling accidents. It is also said that when a bride-to-be comes to the house, Black Molly haunts the Pink Parlour where she was originally denounced.

Sir Richard is in love with the lovely Alice Grey, a society beauty. She has refused to marry him if he insists on living in the old family home, as she is afraid of the curse. However, she has agreed that she will do so if he can prove the house is not haunted and that the curse does not exist. Sir Richard decides to engage the services of a well-known clairvoyant, Esme Cridge to spend the night in the house, along with several witnesses, Grace Campbell, a middle-aged unmarried librarian with an interest in the occult, Rupert Green, a young journalist, Marcus Townsend, an ex-explorer, antiques dealer and occasional con-man, Mrs MacAllister, the dour housekeeper, for whom he has advertised in the local paper.

On a stormy night his guests assemble… ccasion…..