Murder, Mystery and Mayhem in Austria

The Company Upfront Murder Mysteries to Die for, have just returned from one of their most unusual Murder Mystery booking in the seventeen years we have been in production. Having already staged events in venues such as castles, river boats, hotels, restaurants, private houses, football stadiums and steam trains to name a few, we were asked to take our production of ‘Murder at the Manor’ and perform it as a murder evening in a beautiful Palace in the middle of Vienna.

The murder evening was performed for a major world company, who supplied all of the lighting and sound equipment (which we normally bring ourselves) and with seven very large suitcases pack full of just a few personal items, but all of the props, costumes, note-pads and pens etc needed to perform a corporate murder mystery evening we flew to Vienna and performed to a mainly Austrian audience (who all spoke superb English), not only did we have a brilliant couples of days away, but from the comments we received from the participants on the night and following our return to the UK we know that our audience did as well.

We have on a number of occasions taken our productions using the trailer to France via La Shuttle, but the logistics of getting the production to Vienna via an airoplane made it nearly as complicated and fun as one of our murder mystery plots.

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