Creating a new Murder Mystery Production

The Company Upfront, Murder Mysteries to Die For produce a minimum of two new productions a year. From conception to production each taking around six months to create.

Not only do we have to write the script for the events leading up to and including the dastardly deed, we also have to write the conclusion, all of the character backgrounds, movements and time lines etc.

Once the characters have been created we can then get into the rehearsal stage of the new production. We have nearly thirty actors on our books and normally we begin with just a few who will learn the new parts then once we’re up and running other actors will take over as required.

All we then have to do is to build the sets, collect and bag all of the visual clues, make the costumes, layout and print the answer forms, character lists and floor plans etc, etc, etc.

A dress rehearsal in front of a seasoned and experienced invited audience irons out any obvious mistakes and then the production is ready for you to invite us along to your venue and for you to have a go at using those little grey cells.

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