It’s Murder at Christmas!!

The first words of our newest Christmas Murder Mystery production for 2008 were put to paper at the beginning of this week (June 08).

Hidden deep in the cellars of a building located somewhere in the English countryside there is a buried metal box which is locked shut and contains the secret of Christmas past, present and future.

It is said that if any mortal manages to learn the secret they will receive powers beyond anyone’s wildest dream.

The box is guarded by an array of characters, the leader being a large and portly gentleman with rounded belly and long white beard and we’re sure you’ll recognise the other festive protectors of the secret.

The time is just before midnight on Christmas Eve and events which lead up to a dastardly murder will unfold in this very special place.

Will the secret of Christmas remain safe? Who will die, how and why? But most importantly will there be enough Mince Pies to go around?!!!!

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