What an unusual venue!!

Over the seventeen plus years that we have been performing Murder Mystery events we have work in some brilliant location in the UK and Europe, but last week was one of those to remember. The venue was called the Roost in NE London it is normally used as a film and photographic location, being used by the BBC, National Magazines and pop groups such as Oasis and Blur. It has all the mod cons for functions and they have their own caterers who come in and cook the food for clients in house.

We entertained 20 people from a London based communication company who were a brilliant audience.

The building was formed of four floors with about 16 rooms. Having undertaken our pre-murder mingle on the ground floor we performed the dastardly deed on the 1st floor, then following their main course the guests moved around the whole building to inspect the clues and cross-examine the suspects.

What made it unusual was that each wall of every room was decorated in a different style, or period in time and each wall had the furniture etc in front of it for the period/style of the wall.

It sounds hideous but it was really atmospheric and worked really well.

Here’s to the next unusual venue!!!!

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